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James Woodriff - Ponderance founder

James Woodriff - Ponderance founder

Hi there!

Welcome to The Ponderance, a blog for conscious living and curious minds. It all started in Reykjavik, Iceland in February 2016. I was living there with my now wife Alexis, who also writes for the blog and is our chief editor, and I made up the word "ponderance". It turned out is was already a word, but one that has been neglected in my opinion. I was inspired by my favourite blogger Emilie Wapnick of Puttylike to write, and write I did... Starting with a travel journal about my observations in Europe as I made my way to Iceland.

From there is has evolved to become what I hope to be the best resource for ponderers, conscious consumers and 9-5 time wasting on the Wuh Wuh Web.

What is the ponderance all about?

The key focus and goal of the blog is to offer perspective, advice and guidance that enables everyday people to live more conscious, purposeful and positively impacting lives. We aim to help you figure out the best way to eat, consume products, observe interesting sub-cultures and histories and generally not be a dick to the planet and it's people.

Effectively we are trying to become a leading source of information when it comes to making lasting change in your life. To create a legacy of positive influence and positive mindset. Doing that for you makes us very, very happy. We want nothing in return except your brains, eyes and ears for short periods of time. 

That makes now a great time to say THANK YOU for getting here, and taking the time to read the blog and signing up to our monthly newsletter.

We're not hipsters.

But, on paper we do appear to resemble that cliche. 

how to read the blog...

  • Throughout the articles you will notice content links highlighted. They point to more detailed info about the subject at hand and allow you to ponder further.
  • Our content isn't about telling you what to do, it's about offering perspective so you can decide how you relate and react to our articles in your own way.
  • There are 3 main content areas for the blog:
    • Conscious Living - lifestyle, wellness and the places we go
    • Conscious Thinking - broadening the conversation around events, life and history
    • Conscious Consumption - how we purchase and consume in a considerate way

Our Sydney studio

We work out of a co-working space in the 'artsy' Inner-West of Sydney. If you're around come and say hi, or contact us here.

How to stay up to date with the blog?

We predominantly use out social media platforms to serve up articles, event invites, product collaboration offers and more. So the best way to get easy and entertaining access is via the social links below.

Thanks for pondering with us,

 James Woodriff,

Ponderance founder & writer.