Inner Sydney lunch rush

I'd say these were my secret spots... but I can't. I get so excited about new and fun things that I have to run and tell someone. I like to share. So I've composed a list of some of my favourite spots to sneak off to for a few minutes. They are great for getting your mind out of context for a moment while you are busy in the big smoke.

I haven't added many photos of these places. This was completely intentional to encourage you, dear reader, to go and find these spots and experience them in 3D... Not just on a screen.

1. Secret Surry Hills roof park

Nestled in behind The Winery and About Life in Surry Hills is a little spot (maybe a touch on the ghetto side) that I frequent when I need some sun and quiet close to work. I grab a box of food from About life and head back out the front door and down the stairs... Stop at the bottom of the stairs turn to your right and follow the little path down. The outside eating area should be up to your right and you will get to a little back alley. There is usually staff for scurrying in and out so keep out of their way and grab a milk crate and put it against the wall.

Sit down and lean your back against the sun soaked concrete wall - Lizard yourself while you eat and enjoy the (fenced off but still nice) large, open grass rooftop of the building next door and a quiet spot in the middle of the city to spend 15 minutes gathering your marbles and refuelling.


2. Lime St wharf

If you like the gentle splashing sounds of the ocean as it moves around the pylons of a jetty, this spot will offer some zen. On the way there pop in to Per Kilo for the most legit Burrito this side of San Andres and take it down to the wharf for some sunshine and ship watching. I recommend sitting on the edge of one of the wharfs with your shoes off to get a little bit closer to a seaside vibe, if only for a few minutes. 



Hidden deep underneath the bustling CBD is a world of wonder - This bustling burrow will make you feel like you are completely invisible in the crowd. I always like that feeling, it is grounding and really gets the ego in check if you are having an 'everyone is harassing me' day.  There is a ridiculous amount of cheap, delicious and legit Asian food. Pho, sushi, cheap fruit fresh juice just like on the streets of Bangkok. Just about every Asian nation is represented in food form for $10 or less. If you go after 2pm you will find any left over food in pre-packed containers and easily get a filling meal for $5. Get lost (and fed) here.

To find it - Enter the Wynyard train station building from York or George St. Walk down the stairs that head in to a small arcade with a few cheap fashion stores and restaurants (Naughty Chef is easily the best Pho in Sydney)



Roughly 20 minutes walk from Central Station, the Top end of Moore Park offers that wide open  green space that can be so vital in the middle of a busy day. It is surrounded by huge Fig Trees that hide the cars and buildings. The city can easily be obscured from view and you will share the space with dog walkers and people jogging past you minding their Bee's wax.



There is two little zones in Surry for a morning meander. I love putting some music on and wandering aimlessly for 15-20 minutes through the little streets, usually interrupted by a coffee purchase. It's a perfect distraction getting glimpses of busy lives as you catch warm beams of sun that make their way down through the buildings. The more 'city' of the two areas is from Foster St and South. Residential terraces, cafes and ever-changing small businesses are the backdrop for a varied parade of people. The Waterloo side, from South Dowling to Crown St - above Cleveland but below Albion is full of lovely leafy streets to get lost in. They are quite enough to find some peace. Great food and coffee in hand, you will find urban zen and maybe a cute cat or two here. 

City side -


Waterloo side -


Lunch breaks for next week SORTED.

One of the lanes in Surry Hills between Crown and Bourke St

One of the lanes in Surry Hills between Crown and Bourke St

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