Miffmabelle and the Murdery AirBNB

Who would have thought that a $10 ticket to a comedy show in Marrickville would offer such a buzz?

 I've always admired stand-up comedians and their ability to perform without the dramatic accessories of stage or screen productions. Just their voice, delivery and timing to keep the hecklers at bay.

And then there is improv. The kind of comedy that you can't practice in front of the mirror. It's an entirely different beast that I doubt I'll ever have the confidence to try and tame. Although I have seen it done in Marrickville, on a chilly August night.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 9.45.24 pm.png

Sydney's own Queen of improvisation Maddie Parker is performing with three special guests in her show Maddie Parker - Plus One, as part of the Sydney fringe comedy festival.

Tonight she was joined by Jim Fishwick (Jetpack Theatre Collective) - and it was a journey and a riot. She introduced us to Miffmabelle the 'Patron Saint of Nice Days and Dead Baby Bunnies'.
She dumped a tartan-rug-collecting boyfriend upon the inexplicably-sticky-rooftops of Venice.
She threatened her AirBNB host by swallowing his house keys, and snuggled into the Presidential sash of her political opponent.

Don't miss the last two shows on 31/8 and 2/9!

Complete with two new guest performers on Thursday and Saturday of this week. We had SUCH a time that we're going back for more this Thursday and Saturday!

Did we mention tickets are $10?
You have no excuse not to go and support your local talent... GO!

After the show we asked Maddie, what is it about improv comedy that you love most?

The star of the show explained, "I love the unpredictability of it all... Having absolutely no idea what's going to come next and the very real possibility that it could all go wrong at any moment is exhilarating. You've just got to grab onto the first idea you've got and go with it, and it's in that environment of total random unpreparedness that you come up with the most creative stuff, that you'd never come up with if you tried to sit down and script it."

Do you think its more difficult than scripted productions?

"For me, it's easier than scripted stuff... As a performer you can adapt to your audience, see what they're responding to - and as a writer, because you've got other performers to bounce off, and you've got no time to second-guess your ideas."

Hats off to Maddie. It's a small but scary world up there on the stage.