Why I enjoy getting doors slammed in my face

Today was a long day.

I was up at sparrows-fart to fill our green organic waste bin before the garbage truck came screeching down the street. Then I scoffed a quick brekkie and shot out the door to make a morning meeting across town.

When the meeting wrapped up (Thanks for the coffee George) I jumped on my motorbike Maggie to head back home. She got just 500m up the road before she coughed, cowered and conked out. I found myself alone and vulnerable in the desolate and unforgiving (not really) backstreets of Darlinghurst. The horror!

The spot where I broke down... Deserted and dangerous. I'm lucky I survived.

The spot where I broke down... Deserted and dangerous. I'm lucky I survived.

With the help of the kind folk at The Rusty Rabbit cafe (who loaned me their toolbox) I tried in vain to revive my steed. Eventually, 4pm rolled around and I admitted defeat. I moved Maggie to a nice spot beside a handsome young Triumph Scrambler, and gave her a pat on the tank.

I reassured her "I'll be back".

I got the train home, feeling thoroughly emasculated, and began pondering Plan B. After a good amount of googling and calling my more mechanically-minded mates, I returned to the bike and got her back on her rubber feet.

Through all of the frustration, expense and extreme hangriness I held on to this idea:
Every shitty moment will open a door to the next potentially brilliant adventure. 

Had my bike not broken down, I would have missed out on the opportunity to make a new friend at the cafe, and to spend a little time being intimate with Maggie and her distributer coil. All's well that ends well.


Looking back, I realise that my life has been a series of apparently shitty moments that led to brilliant adventures. Like when I lost my driver's license, caught the girl I was seeing with another dude and smashed out my two front teeth all in one night. A very shitty moment that led me to accept a job offer interstate and which started my career in advertising. 

Or that literally shitty moment when a friend convinced me to do a 'Mineral salt cleanse' on my bowel. During which I thought I may need to dial 000, but after which I felt like a hovering hare krishna. It changed my perspective on health and nutrition for good.

The point being that all of those doors have led me to where I am right now.

If you can manage to look past the shitty moments, you will find the doors. Some of them will open, others might not. Keep rattling the handles anyway, and occasionally kick a few in if you have to. If you do, you will get to that final stoop and say "Well I know I gave this life a bloody good knock". 

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