Cute baked goods threaten Feminism

Entry conditions: Please read this with the understanding that I, James Woodriff, am a proud and evolving Feminist.

I became aware of this story via my good friend, Tara. You consistently share great things that I love to read - Follow her amazing ceramics here. #talented #legend


The quick story: A fantastic flock of University of Queensland students held a 'bake sale' style event on campus. The students literally sugar coated the issue of gender wage equality in Australia. The concept (recycled from other equality events) was simple: $1 cupcakes enticed hungry students - a fraction of the cupcake was removed for males - the vendors then explained: they were offering a taste of less reward for the same effort, simulating current wage conditions for women in Australia. However, some cakey customers upset by the baked burglarisation quickly took to social media to vent. The online backlash rapidly escalated.

To anyone who has ever seen something fire up on Facebook or Twitter the comments on the bake sale would appear to be in the normal cyber-rage range.

The coverage:  The ABC (Australia's non-commercial broadcaster), the Brisbane Times and The Guardian all jumped on the story. But the reportage all fell short in two ways:

  1. The focus on 'cyber-attack' focus completely overlooked how beneficial it can be. Without these ignorant, lonely tools getting involved, no one, including the media, would be talking about gender equality today.
  2. This event was a great (albeit CC'd) idea and deserved merit and publicity prior to being noticed as a 'trend' on social media.

Hate has a place online, empty or not it does indeed have a place. Cilantrophobes offer a great example of this with - I hate Coriander. This openly threatening rhetoric to a herb is hilarious, and a wonderful distraction for over 30,000 dedicated followers. The Cu-Clux-Coriander-Clan aside, threatening an identifiable, small group of University students who are handing out delicious cakes in order to gently introduce a relevant and often overlooked social issue is simply not cool.

Side note: On the off chance anyone who did post negative bits related to the bake sale online, or otherwise, is reading this... You can contact me if you have issue with feminism or baked goods. Happy to discuss. 
The silver lining: The UQ Union Women's collective have succeeded in spreading the good word beyond any expectation. To the primitive fools who had a go at them:

Thanks for the threats!

It allowed wage inequality and Feminism to gain a huge amount of attention and helped bring the topic back to where it belongs, front and centre.