A walk back in time

The Lurujarri trail truly was a game changer. It opened my eyes to a different understanding on nature, culture, history, religion and people. The Goolarabooloo  allowed me to learn the culture they have passed down for tens of thousands of years and encouraged us to explore it as surrogate family members. I was shown how to eat a seafood feast, find honey and nuts, see the stars in a completely new way and how to treat a wound using sap from a tree.

At the end of the trip, at a sacred camp ground where Corroboree takes place I asked the Head of the family, Phil Rowe, if I could propose to my girlfriend on their land. Within an hour the family all somehow knew the big 'secret' and offered me encouraging words in my nervous state. Later that night, in front of roaring fire, on a sacred site used for ritual for over 30,000 years I got down on one knee. With the boys forming a guard of honour and Uncle Phil standing behind in support, Alexis said YES.

Within a week I was welcomed in to a family, shown new ways nature could interact with ritual that I can not explain with Western science and had secured a pretty fantastic life with a woman that I love. I'd say that counts as an alright 7 days.

And here are the pictures...