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Kompoocha faq's

what is kompoocha made from? what's in it?

Komboocha is made from 100% natural Kombucha brewed from organic tea blends by us, in Sydney.

how do I know it won't kill my pooch?

Fair question, no one wants to hurt their best friend... Kompoocha is, in our opinion, highly unlikely to cause any irritation or issue in or on your pooch. It works slowly over time in a gentle and natural way according to your pooch's natural bodily processes. We always recommend you perform a spot test of our formula on some exposed skin on your pooch (such as on the belly) to check for any reactions. So far we haven't had any issues and we really don't expect to.

We've compiled a fair bit of research in the last few months and have been testing our product on animals. Yes, you read that correctly, this product was and is tested on animals. Those animals are the happy friends of our friends and neighbours who are seeing great results and zero issues with Kompoocha.

If you are interested in further reading some lighter samples of our research can be found below:

From Permaculture News

From Dogs naturally magazine

From DR. Perrin Heartway, holistic veterinarian 

how do i get more kompoocha?

We are working on getting our products in stores now, it's kind of a big process and it will take some time to lock down deals and make sure our product is stored and discussed properly. Meanwhile, you can get a refill by filling in the email form in the right hand column of this page.

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