About me

About me

I have over 9 years experience in advertising and communications.

I am currently freelancing as a creative and strategic consultant based in Sydney, Australia. Over my time in the communications industry I have dabbled in most disciplines including design for print and digital, film and photography, client service, business development, production, creative and strategic research and ideation and business management including financial and legal.

I have found my niche as a jack-of-all-trades creative consultant and I am most passionate about well researched, human centred product and solution design. This passion extends seamlessly in to brand, project and business audit and consultancy, where I have found some of my most satisfying work thus far. 

I am currently focused on my research and writing for The Ponderance as well as working within the not-for-profit and ethical business sector.

Skills & Experience

  • Unbreakable positive attitude - It's just work and we are just people on a ball of carbon.
  • Creative direction / Art direction
  • Concept development, ideation & strategic thinking
  • Campaign concepts and outcomes across Print, Environmental, Events & Activations, Social, Web, Film and SEM/SEO
  • Data analysis strategy and campaign
  • Film production & writing
  • Copywriting for print, web, social, blog, press and release
  • UX / UI strategy and direction
  • Projects from $250 to $1million+
  • Unique and highly productive client relationship skills (existing & new)
  • Boutique agency management & leadership (including external/freelance resource)

What motivates me

  • People and the chance to get them excited
  • All things ethical: Environmental, social, cultural and psychological
  • Intelligent thinking and intelligent conversation 
  • Rock climbing, trail running, hiking and outdoor exploration
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Fears and running straight at them (sometimes while holding scissors)
  • Learning from running at my fears with scissors
  • Running art my fears with out held scissors if I didn't do that in the first place