TDB Creative Company

The Dapper Brothers (TDB) is the title of the creative team made up of myself and creative partner Daniel Quinnell. Starting in 2013 we enjoyed accelerated growth from a start-up to annual revenue circa $250,000 in two years. We worked on a wide variety of creative projects, engaging collaborators, tailor-fit to projects as we went along with excellent results. With our beginnings in a few branding jobs we quickly realised our potential as both a creative team and a consultancy, utilising our shared passion for end-user engagement and outside the box thinking.

My personal experience in the hospitality industry and Dan's obsessive research tendencies created an ideal balance of when we approached clients, tenders and our work. 

Daniel and I mutually decided to close up shop in November 2015. Our career goals changed and we happily wrapped things up to allow each other the best possible opportunities off the back of a highly successful period of collaboration. Dan and I still work with many of our Dapper Brothers' clients, and can still collaborate together if the work calls for the Dapper touch. 

Please enjoy this selection of work examples from The Dapper Brothers portfolio -


The 2014 WWF Reef Report was composed as a primary resource for the UNFCC climate change summit held in Lima, Peru and also was distributed as the main resource for the 2014 Earth Hour 60+ ambassadors and supporters. With contributions from leading environmental academics Dr. Ove Hoeg-Guldberg and Dr. Selina Ward, there was a fair bit of weight in the pages we were tasked with setting out in an aesthetic manner. A new challenge was issued to The Dapper Brothers as we had never dealt with content that was so potentially influential to those with the power to influence global policy change for the benefit of the environment. The final element that proved to test our strengths was maximising visual engagement while respecting the WWF brand with its strict and time tested guidelines setting a thin path in which to travel.


We were engaged by OPTUS to help work on making their campuses all over Australia an even greater place to work. After a bit of noodle scratching we started developing content to be displayed on purpose built kiosks that employees use to find their way around, learn about current events and make their days even more enjoyable. By developing engaging content and collaborating to deliver state of the art infrastructure nationwide, we were able to flex our creative and production muscles like never before. Working with the OPTUS brand was specifically challenging. The brand has been curated to a point that is quite limiting, however we found loop holes enabling us to stretch the style guide and deliver truly engaging content.


The major challenge for the complete branding package for VANFEST was catching the eye of the urban and rural audience. The festival attracts upward of 8000 punters each year and our work was literally 50feet tall (stage banners) and in everyones pocket (tickets & social) so it had to be good. We think we nailed it.


Earth Hour started in Sydney in 2007 and is now a globally recognised event held annually to highlight and promote advocacy for issues regarding climate change and overall environmental impact. By turning the lights of for one hour per year participants are reminded of the impact of electricity production and general impact of human life of planet Earth. Since beginning Earth Hour has grown to become possibly the worlds biggest event with billions of people being exposed to its message in over 7000 cities worldwide.


Polin wines approached us to create an activation event for their latest vintage in 2014. The project was presented to us with the kind of limitations one can expect from a boutique family-run vineyard, small budget, limited brand recognition in the market and a geographic isolation from the client, who was often stuck amongst the vines 3 hours away.

8% return on targeted direct mail campaign resulting in long term sales and client engagement. Did I mention the $250 budget? nailed it.

8% return on targeted direct mail campaign resulting in long term sales and client engagement. Did I mention the $250 budget? nailed it.


The major challenge of working with the University is acknowledging the fact that the students are constantly eclipsing our own education in terms of technology. This presents a considerable challenge as we try to adjust our experience to communicate about it in an accurate and engaging way.


We had the enjoyable opportunity to brand this now staple bar in Manly, just a short ferry ride from Sydney's CBD. The challenge to comfort the loyal locals whilst offering a new and unique brand inspired us to take things to the street with a direct engagement campaign. The locals, curious about the construction going on, would be engaged in conversation ending in a parting fortune cookie / welcome drink token (inside the cookie) gift. We had an unprecedented return rate on the fortunate coupons, with a 32% return rate, many of whom turning in to repeat customer relationships.