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I was gutted when I dropped my 12oz cup and it cracked, for a second and fatal time. I've been meaning to get around to buying another one. They are durable but they can't fight repeat user error. Oops! The cups are made from plant-based PLA plastic which is up to 75% better for the environment that conventional plastics.

I got mine at the Addison Rd, Markets in Sydney. Not helpful if you aren't in the area but the details are here, look for the tea, chocolate and coffee guy.

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This fun and colourful brand tackles urban poverty in Ghana through fair and sustainable local employment. Based in the city of Accra, Yevu collaborate with artisanal producers, designers, tailors and textile makers, and connect them with a global market. Yevu pays three and a half times a typical wage to its employees, and every Yevu worker puts a portion of this income into the education of their children. If you are in the market for a mood lifting, statement-making ‘piece’, look no further than the high-waist flare pants and coconut print shirts by Yevu. 

YEVU is a brand focused on empowering local economy, and bringing a message of social responsibility to the world. They do this by creating clothing that I have personally owned and absolutely loved. They are a statement piece goldmine. Not much is said about their material sourcing, they do say "70% Ghanaian made textiles from 100% female operated wholesale vendors at local market places, and advocating for local manufacturing" which indicates potentially unregulated fabric production from an environmental standpoint. We assume they care and are a low-waste business but we can't find any specific evidence about the origin of their "17,553" yard of locally purchase fabric as yet. They care about their employees and should be seen as industry role models in this space.

Get YEVU here. follow yevu here & here.

ethical apparel & accessories

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